Welcome to Scale

  Over the past few years, SCALE General Trading & Contracting Co. has managed to establish its own remarkable name as a successful company within a leading group and it has been able to find it self a prominent place in a record time in Kuwait and Arabian Gulf Area.

Scale General Trading & Contracting Company is working hard to create and capture the most promising business opportunities by opening new markets that achieve the desired interest in its services, products and investment opportunities.

Scale General Trading & Contracting Company has vision to be the most reliable company in the industry for in time delivery, quality, follow-up, and installation, to reach the highest level of customer satisfaction.

SCALE Co. has a number of strategic business divisions focusing on

  • Security and Tracking System.

  • Media and advertisement.

  • Logistics and Heavy Equipment Rental.

  • Information Technology.

  • Construction, In addition to a number of smaller specialist business units and categories.

Through working and cooperating with its active divisions in Its International partner companies in Kuwait and Arabian Gulf region

SCALE proudly presents a successful track record, It also enjoys strong relationships with many leading international companies worldwide. 

Looking ahead, SCALE continues generating maximum returns and opportunities, whilst upholding the four key objectives laid out in its business model, namely to consistently offer Quality, Value, Services and Excellence. Besides to further strengthen relationships with its international partners.

Our company has a particularly unique combination of talented enterprise in its management and staff, and designed to accommodate all changes and expansions within the group and across the sectors extending to the Region. Our executive management and staff team are highly qualified and professional personnel in regard to the following positions and departments: Business Development, Management, Finance, Marketing, Sales, Ideas Creation, Public Relations, Acquisition and Integration.